Car Affordable Car Repair Services in South Daytona

Medium Truck Repair

There is no guarantee when your car will break down or suffer from other problems like a cracked windshield. In such circumstances you should only hand over the repairing or part replacing job to Protech ATM Inc. We are the number one car repair specialists in South Daytona. As we carry all spare parts of both domestic and foreign cars, you can be sure that our technicians, armed with the latest diagnostic tools, will carry out your car repair job in South Daytona quickly and efficiently. Some individuals of South Daytona believe that we only handle high profile car repair jobs. However, this is far from the truth, as we carry out both small and big car repair jobs with the same zeal and passion for vehicle owners of South Daytona.

Reliable Car Repairs

Car repair jobs apart, our skilled technicians also carry out marine repairing jobs in South Daytona, which includes repairing of inboard and outboard motor up to 325 horsepower. You can depend on us for repairing medium duty commercial vehicles manufactured by Isuzu like the Isuzu Cab Over Dose, as well as repairing of medium sized trucks.

Fast Repairs 

Never hire any other car repair company in South Daytona, as most of them hardly use original parts when replacing a damaged component. We are among the rare car repair specialists in South Daytona that has a ready stock of original components for all makes of local cars and spares of most major overseas cars. Contact us today for a no obligation quote.

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